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 Program Review Resources


​Program Review Quick-Guide​

This is a quick-guide of the program review process that includes links to other program review resources and data.

TracDat (Nuventive Improve)

This is the information management system we use at COS to input our Program Review narratives.​

Program Review Narratives

Here you can view an archive of past Program Review narratives dating back to 2014.

Strategic Plan

This is the current Strategic Plan for 2021-2025.

Institutional Program Review Committee

This is a link to the Institutional Program Review Committee webpage.​

Program Review Summary Template

This is a MS Office Word document to help you develop your Program Summary outside of TracDat/Improve.

Program Review Action Template

This is a MS Office Word document to help you develop your Actions outside of TracDat/Improve.​


Program Review Dashboard

This is the Program Review Dashboard provided by our Research & Planning Office and Tableau.

COS Giant Factbook

The COS Giant Factbook is compiled and updated every year.

COS Data Request Form

If you ever need additional data or more specific data, use the Form above. Must be able to log into the COS intranet.

Chancellor's Office Data Mart

This is a data set provided to COS by the Chancellor's office.

Program Review Data Memo

This is a copy of the data memo from Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness sent to the Program Review Committee regarding 2021 Standard Metrics & Data.