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 Ad Hoc Data and Research Requests

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 Research Request

​​​​In order to request research services or data, you must submit a Data Request Form. Every effort will be made to acknowledge your request within 24-48 hours by email. Please submit your request a minimum of ten working days in advance of your requested due date. Depending upon the difficulty and detail level, the data request may take up to two weeks to complete. If it takes longer, we will contact you with a status report.

If you would like to request a survey, please review the Guidelines for Requesting District Surveys first.

District Employees:

Please submit a Data ​& Res​earch Request Form​​. Be sure to include a preferred due date. Data Requests are typically completed within two weeks of being approved.​ Please note that this form is intended for internal use and may require login (Remote Desktop and/or VPN connection is needed for off-campus access)​.

The preferred method for submitting a research request is the online form above; however, if you cannot access the online form, please fill out the fillable .pdf version of the research request form​​ and email the form, as well as any supporting documents/attachments, to

 Public Information Request

​All data and research services requested by anyone other than District Employees must submit their request through the Manager of Marketing and Public Relations, Lauren Fishback (