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 UC - University of California

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 Student Information

  1. ​​​​​​​​To transfer to a UC campus students must complete the 7-Course pattern. See a Counselor for more information on how to complete those requirements.   

  2. Start your transfer level Math & English requirements as soon as you can. The UC places a high priority on students that complete transferable math & English courses early in their academic careers. 

  3. Complete 60 UC-transferrable semester units with a minimum of 2.4 GPA for CA residents (2.8 for Non-Residents). 
    Note: The GPA for admission can be significantly higher due to the applicant pool. For majors that are impacted and require selective courses/GPA refer to the individual UC campuses on their transfer admission requirements

    • Complete coursework in the major along with your general education (GE) requirements. Look at for specific major requirements. To satisfy GE, you can follow IGETC pattern.  

    • Create a Transfer Admission Planner (TAP) account at to:

      • ​​​​Identify the courses you will be enrolled in prior to transfer for TAG and/or UC application (e.g. if you are applying for fall transfer you need to know the courses you will be taking for spring and summer terms)

      • UC admissions is very competitive, therefore make sure you have completed the courses required including strongly recommended courses for your major​

  4. To find out if you qualify for Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG), click here: UC TAG Program​

  5. Apply on time! Apply on time! ALL UC’s accept in Fall, which requires you to apply a full year in advance. Some UC’s accept Winter and Spring applicants, but you should check with a counselor to see which UC’s are accepting. Visit:

Click here for printable UC transfer details

 Counselor Information

​​Counselors wanting more resources about the UC for students, click here for more information:


For more information on the UC campuses click here:   University of California Campuses​