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​​​ An internship offers students the chance to learn by working in a setting where they are supervised by a workplace professional. Students have the opportunity to achieve learning goals and earn 1-4 units toward their degree and/or certification.

To participate in the program, students should:

1. Review open internship positions at the Open Internships ​link.
2. Submit a completed student application form to the Business Division Office,
Room 711B of the Kern Building or email form to​
3. Submit a current resume.​
4. Contact Mrs. Lisa Hott (559) 737​-6160 or Daniel Rivas (559) 730-3975.

Online Business Internship Application:​ 

Internship Application​

Student Internship Forms:
Business Internship Student Application ​ ​​​
Measurable Learning Objectives Form (MLO)​

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