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 FLEX Information

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The Faculty Enrichment Committee (FEC) coordinates the Flexible Calendar (FLEX) Program and strives to enhance institutional programs and services for student learning and success by offering a variety of activities designed to encourage and support professional excellence among staff and faculty in their endeavors.​ ​FEC is comprised of faculty and sta​ff from across the college. FEC meets on the first Tuesday of each month from 1:10-2:00PM in Kaweah 201​. Please contact the FEC Faculty Co-chair, Liana Craven, for more information at​

To help guide your FLEX work, better understand the processes, and more effectively complete your FLEX obligation, please refer to the following resources:
Full-time Faculty: View your Flex hours from on campus here or use AWS AppStream icon​ in MyGiant to access remotely. 
Part-time faculty: You can be compensated for your participation in FLEX-approved activitie​s.  Simply complete a District Timesheet​ and provide appropriate documentation (e.g., sign the FLEX Sign-in Sheet, submit a self-documentation form and supplemental evidence, etc.). NOTE: Compensation depends upon available stipend funds remaining during the academic year. See FLEX Information and Procedures above for more information, and stay tuned to FEC updates via email and the newsletter.

See green accordion items below for additional information and resources. See also College of Sequoia's district-wide Professional Learning Plan.​​


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FLEX Calendar​​



Sabbatical Packet
Sabbatical Application
IIP Application
Information about sabbitcal and Institutional Improvement Project (IIP) application procedures and deadlines for the 2020 - 2021 academic year is available above. Faculty should consult the COSTA Master Agreement, Section 12.5, for important details regarding sabbaticals and sabbatical procedures.