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 Frequently Asked Questions

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​1. How much does the academy cost? 

- A breakdown of academy expenses can be found here.Police Academy Expenses.pdf

​​​2. How many academies do you offer?

- We offer two different academy formats. Descriptions​ of each can be found here​ 

​​3. How can I apply for the academy? 

- Check out our application process here on our How to Apply page

​4. What is an Academy Enrollment Waiver

​- The enrollment waiver waives the POST Entrance exam which would normally be required to enter the academy. Find more information about the waiver here​​​​​

5. How can I sign up to take a POST Entrance Exam? 

- You can sign up for an exam through our page on ​Eventbrite. Click the link here to see all of our upcoming exam dates.

​​Find more FAQ's here 



​6. What is the minimum passing score for the POST Entrance Exam? 

​- You must pass with a score of 42.0 or higher 

​7. What type of questions are on the POST Entrance Exam?

-You can find more information about the exam and a practice test here​ 

8. How much is the POST Entrance Exam and how many times can I take it? 

​- The test is $10.00 and can be taken once every 30 days 

​9. What are the requirements of the physical agility test?

​- The physical agility test consists of five obstacles, each of them can be found here​


​​Still have questions? Send an email to