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 What's Next After Applying? CSU Transfer Information

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​CSU Spring 2023 Admission Information​

Spring 2023 Admission application will open on August 1, 2022, and close on August 31, 2022. Please remember that not all CSUs and all majors are available for Spring 2023 admission:

To apply, students must create a Cal State account and select the correct term at:

Need assistance? If you need assistance with your application and/or your Transfer Admission next steps to-do, please contact us. We have the following options available for students: 


​Next steps after submitting your application:

1) If you are getting an ADT degree, please make an appointment with a Counselor and file for your degree by the graduation deadline, October 20, 2022. Filing your graduation application with a Counselor will trigger the ADT verification. The Transfer Center will start verifying students' ADT electronically in early October 2022. The deadline to verify students for the CSU campuses electronically is October 15, 2022; therefore, we recommend that you see a Counselor early in the fall semester. After October 15th, you can check your ADT status on the Cal State Application under "Check Status".

2) Only submit official COS transcripts to CSU campus(es) requesting them. If the CSU campus you applied to is requesting official transcripts and you need help ordering them, please click on the accordion below for instructions.​ You can also access the Transcript Request page here: Requesting COS Official Transcript

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