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The COS Tulare Campus offers limited school supplies, clothing and scantrons. During the first two weeks of each semester, books are available for the courses offered in Tulare.

​Textbooks may be ordered the COS Online Bookstore​ and delivered to Tulare at no extra charge. When ordering, specify for them to be sent to the Tulare Campus.


Monday - Thursday

8:30am - 2:30pm

Building A, A113


Contact Information

The best way to reach the bookstore is through email:

Bookstore Customer Service

(559) 730-3751


Customer Service for Staff



*When the Bookstore is closed, scantrons may be purchased from the vending machine in Building B or the Student Services Counter in Building A.



**Spring 2022 Vouchers**

This semester, students enrolled in at least 3 units will be receiving an automatic $250 voucher. (No need to apply)

Starting December 20th, you can place your order online -- Click here for a video tutorial on how to order your books using the voucher.

Ordering with a Financial Aid voucher? Click here for directions for ordering.

Very important details to follow for placing online orders with HERRF funds:

  • You must include a credit card when renting, even if the total is under $250.
  • We strive to include as many used titles as we can, but this is not always the case, therefore, you may order books as used but they are fulfilled as new. There is a warning that pops up while placing your order. Because of this, be sure you are aware that your total may change and best practice is to include another form of payment to complete your order. This will ensure timely delivery of your order. This is highlighted on step 8.
  • On Step 15, be sure to put your information into these fields, followed by HERRF FUNDS to ensure the $250 can be utilized. This will include your banner number WITHOUT the "@"
  • The voucher process is NOT the same as regular student financial aid, those payments go directly to you.
  • ITEM LIMITATIONS, as a rule of thumb, products not deemed essential for education are excluded from use of the voucher. This includes, but not limited to, clothing, food and drink, electronics like speakers and wireless headphones, gifts, electronic accessories. If special orders are placed with the voucher for items like these, the order will be cancelled.

COS Bookstore

Student Resources

1.       VitalSource, our ebook partner is granting free access to a large portion of their library until May 25th Students can log in the app with their student email and access what is available digitally. Not all titles will be there, but this can help MANY students.

2.       Bartleby, our online tutoring platform, is offering free tutorial help (10 questions per 30 days) until June 15th Students can follow the directions from the website to get started.​


Bookstore Rental Returns

1) Log into your COS email. Find your order ID code sent from the bookstore

2) Scan QR code with phone camera. A pop-up window from will appear, click open.

3) Follow directions to return books via UPS.

4) Print return label.

5) Follow directions to ship to COS.

Steps can also be found here: COS Bookstore Returns