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 Welcome to the COS Bookstore!


The bookstore will be closed for Spring Break April 11th -15th.

We are still seeing a large number of bookstore vouchers entered in incorrectly. PLEASE REVIEW THE DIRECTIONS BELOW TO AVOID DELAYS IN YOUR MATERIALS


The COS Bookstore has a variety of supplies, clothing, snacks, and gifts which you might need (or ever want)! Located in the Giant Forest Building in the center of campus, we are a convenient stop for​ all of your needs. Please follow the link below to order your class materials and other COS gear.

You can find the online bookstore here .


 Visalia Bookstore

​​​​​​​​​Hours of Operation:
Beginning February 4th, 2022
Monday - Thursday
8:30 am - 4:00 pm​​​​​​​​​​​

9:00 am - 1:00 pm
(559) 730-3751

Contact Us Here​

Bookstore FAQs for SPRING 2022

1. How will I get my books?

You can order your books from our website and you can choose Store Pickup for Visalia, Hanford, or Tulare, or you can choose shipping. We are offering free ground shipping for all orders over $75.

Or you can come by the Visalia Bookstore during the hours listed.

2. Will I be able to pick up at the store?

Yes, we have store pick up available in Visalia, Hanford, and Tulare.

3. I have a bookstore voucher, how do I use that?

You can use that online as well, by putting your banner number as one of the payment fields. Please follow the directions highlighted.

4. What about returning books?

The return period remains the same, the first week of school Returns must be at the store or sent back to us with a post mark date of 1/18/22 or earlier.

5. What if I drop a class?

Schedule changes can be taken care of with proof of drop/change until February 11th, 2022.

6. How do I know what books to get?

You can go to your banner page, under Student Services, click on Registration, then "Order my Books" and it will link your schedule to all materials attached to the bookstore website.

7. What the heck is a "Package Component"?

This can mean two things, we have the same book under different formats, or we have an access code we sell separately from the bundle. Any question you have about this term, you can reach out to us to clarify what you should get. Just keep in mind it is user preference and you would not need to buy all items listed.

8. How fast will I get my order?

Hopefully, most orders will be delivered to you by the next business day (even with ground shipping). The turnaround time during the beginning of school will be around 24-48 hours to delivery.

9. Can I just come inside the store?

Beginning July 26th, YES! Please come by during our hours.

 Hanford Bookstore

Hours of Operation:
Open the first three weeks of every semester with textbooks

 Closed due to COVID, please see FAQs Below
(559) 583-2500
Located in the Education Building E66
Hanford Bookstore only carries books for classes held in Hanford.
Orders placed online can be delivered to the Hanford Center free of charge after the bookstore is closed for the semester.

*For SPRING 2022* Hanford Bookstore will be for online order pickup only--due to space constraints. Please place your orders online for pick up by the next business day.

10. I heard you price match, can we do that?
Yes! But keep in mind that there are the same protocols in place as before. Please look at our terms and conditions, and contact us if you would like to price match.

11. How does the Rental Process work?
Great question, you can find out everything you need to know about renting books by reading our rental FAQs.

12. How about Digital Books?
Most of our digital books are instant access, meaning that the access is emailed to you. We have details on our Digital FAQ page.

13. I want to sell some books back, can you buy them from me?
You can sell them back to our wholesale distributor here. We will have in-store Buyback return in February.

14. I need to buy some supplies from you guys, how do I do that?
The same way! We have many of our supplies and tech products at our store and on the website for order. Is there something specific you don't see? Contact us and we can see if we can help.

15. When I place my order, it asks for me to create an account, is that good?
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, this way you can track your orders, update payment information, and keep your information for future orders. Especially if you rent a book, this can help remind you of the return.

16. What about the app? Should I get that?
Again, we highly recommend this to keep you in the loop. There are also some pretty cool deals that can come up as well. Check out the App Page for more details.

17. I am having trouble finding my ebook, what do I do?
The easiest way is to log into your account (using your credentials you used to purchase the ebook, hopefully your student email) and it should be in your library. If not, please contact us.

18. None of these answered my question, what should I do?
Do not hesitate to reach out to us. We try to answer the phone during normal business hours 559-730-3751, and is monitored extensively. Just keep in mind that turnaround times may be extended due to Rush. We are here to help and serve the best way we can under these trying circumstances.

 Tulare Bookstore

Hours of Operation:
Open the first three weeks of every semester with textbooks
(559) 688-3066​

 Food Service: (559) 688-3065 ​
Open throughout the semester 
8:30 am - 2:00 pm
Tulare Bookstore only carries books for classes held in Tulare.
Orders placed online can be delivered to the Tulare College Center free of charge after the bookstore is closed for the semester. 

 $250 Voucher Information



1. Starting December 20th, you can come by the Visalia bookstore. Please have Banner ID ready.
2. Order online! Follow the directions here
Very important details to follow for placing online orders with HERRF funds:
a. You must include a credit card when renting, even if the total is under $250.
b. We strive to include as many used titles as we can, but this is not always the case, therefore, you may order books as used but they are fulfilled as new. There is a warning that pops up while placing your order. Because of this, be sure you are aware that your total may change and best practice is to include another form of payment to complete your order. This will ensure timely delivery of your order. This is highlighted on step 8.
c. On Step 15, be sure to put your information into these fields, followed by HERRF FUNDS to ensure the $250 can be utilized. This will include your banner number WITHOUT the "@"
d. The voucher process is NOT the same as regular student financial aid, those payments go directly to you.
e. ITEM LIMITATIONS, as a rule of thumb, products not deemed essential for education are excluded from use of the voucher. This includes, but not limited to, clothing, food and drink, electronics like speakers and wireless headphones, gifts, electronic accessories. If special orders are placed with the voucher for items like these, the order will be cancelled.
f. April 8th is the expiration date. We will, however have a clean up period the week after Spring Break to fix pending orders and process final orders to complete. Please visit the bookstore beginning April 18th for assistance.