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 Complete Online Work Experience Application

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To receive credit for my internship class, or Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE), I understand and agree to the following:
  1. Complete all assigned paperwork for the Work Experience/Internship Program.
  2. Attend one Work Experience/Internship Orientation to receive information about the Program.
  3. Work with my immediate supervisor and college instructor to prepare three learning objectives that I will work to achieve during this semester. These objectives must be new or expanded learning goals for me. The objectives will be finalized and agreed upon by immediate supervisor, the Work Experience/Internship Program staff, my college instructor, and myself before I am able to enroll in the internship class.
  4. I Acknowledge the required Employment/ Internship Hours: For Each unit of enrollment, I MUST complete a minimum of 60 hours non-paid OR 75 hours of paid internship to receive a passing grade.
  5. Fax, mail, email or deliver to the Work Experience/Internship Program timesheets showing hours worked. I will be informed of the timesheet due dates from my instructor’s syllabus.
  6. Failure to fulfill any of the items listed above may result in my being dropped from the Work Experience/Internship Program or receiving a non-passing grade