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 Faculty Support - Teaching Online

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New Faculty Onboarding Resources

​Created by Instructional Council, this Canvas-hosted Resource Guide gives new faculty useful information ​on navigating systems at COS and finding comfort and success.  

Online Faculty: Prepare for Accreditation with RSI Review

If you would like to get your online course in the queue for review, please fill out the Intake Survey
Read the FAQ on Accreditation and RSI. ​

Online and hybrid courses at COS will be reviewed by the ACCJC as part of our upcoming accreditation process. That review will include an expectation that we are engaging in Regular and Substantive Interaction (RSI) with our students in our online and hybrid courses. Simply put, we must make it apparent to the accreditation team that even in fully-online and asynchronous modalities, we have frequent and meaningful content-centered interaction with our students!

A team of your peers has been trained in RSI standards and creative ways to incorporate them across disciplines. Our goal is to review just ONE online course from every faculty member who teaches online or hybrid-format classes for COS. You can select a course from any semester, Spring 2022 to present, and can even communicate a preference for a specific reviewer from the team or one from another division. You can also elect to meet with your RSI peer reviewer to talk about your course, and submit a timesheet for up to an hour of time (PT faculty) or an hour of FLEX credit (FT faculty). 


Online Teaching Certification Program

Fall 2023 OTCP is currently underway. Fill out the OTCP Interest Form​ to enroll in the Spring 2024 cohort. 

This 4-week program runs 3x annually (FA-SP-SU),​ and exists to prepare instructors to meet the minimum qualification requirements for online teaching at COS.  The OTCP covers regulations and pedagogical approaches related to online teaching. Developed under the direction of the Academic Senate sub-committee Distance Education at COS (DECOS), the OTCP is regularly revised to reflect federal guidelines like those in Title 5 as well as emerging online teaching standards developed by the Online Education Initiative (OEI). To see a full list of online-certified faculty, visit the Human Resources: Employee Resources webpage and select Faculty Seniority Lists​​​.​​​ 

DE Coordinator Office Hours (open to all Faculty)

Visit virtual office hours for questions and support related to COS DE policy, course design, pedagogy, best practices, and more. 


Time ​Phone ​Zoom Office
​3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
​(559) 730-3981

Join here 

​11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Need a different time? Email Elise Baker (​to arrange an appointment. ​​​

Fall 2023 Workshops (open to all Faculty)

Trainings and workshops for those currently teaching online, or interested in online instruction and Canvas tools. Always FLEX-approved.

Workshop Title
Date and Time
​PlayPosit Interactive Video Training
Note: FLEX credit is only available for live attendance of the session. 

Watch the recorded training HERE
​Friday, September 29
11:00 AM
​Stephanie Gates (PlayPosit)
Overview and training on a cool new Canvas tech integration PlayPosit from the developer, play with the tool from the student perspective, build an interactive video you can use immediately, Q&A with the developer, plus resources. 

Introductory Session Blurb and Objectives.pdf
PlayPosit Resource Handout​
​RSI Review Readiness Training


​Tuesday, October 10
4:00 PM

Thursday, October 26
3:00 PM​
​Elise Baker (Distance Ed Coordinator)
​Learn what RSI means, how it is connected to accreditation, why everyone keeps talking about it, and how to easily implement it in your online courses. You'll feel very ready to submit for RSI Review by the end of the training.

Sign up to get feedback on your course
FAQ on Accreditation and RSI Review (COS).docx.pdf
​Death to "Dry" Discussion Boards
Note: FLEX credit is only available for live attendance of the session. 

Watch the recorded training here
​Tuesday, November 14
2:00 PM 

Friday, November 17
9:00 AM

​Elise Baker (Distance Ed Coordinator)
​Students and teachers alike dread the "Make an initial post and reply to two of your peers' posts..." discussion board prompt. But we have to do it, because it's the peer-to-peer piece of RSI, right? This session will offer some ideas on making discussion boards less tedious, more interactive, accessible, and fun for both grader and student. 

Dry Discussion Boards Doc.pdf
More to come...

​Have a great idea or a specialty to share? Want to collaborate on a workshop? Email​


Asynchonous​ DE Trainings (open to all Faculty)

Training Title
​Link to learn
​Canvas New Quizzes Webinar for Newbies
Watch the recording training HERE
​Canvas has introduced a new tool for giving quizzes and exams. It has more features, more question types, and is generally seen to be an improvement in function and interface​ on the prior version. ​
​​PlayPosit Interactive Video Training
Watch the recorded training HERE

Overview and training on a cool new Canvas tech integration PlayPosit from the developer, play with the tool from the student perspective, build an interactive video you can use immediately, Q&A with the developer, plus resources. 

   Introductory Session Blurb and Objectives.pdf
Make Your Course Beautiful (and more effective) with HTML Basics
​Watch the recorded webinar HERE
​We don’t pay attention to boring things, and after a while Canvas can get a bit boring. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to add visual elements like borders, horizontal lines, callout boxes, and responsive banners, even how to make text wrap around an image to your Canvas course. With just a little HTML know-how, it’s easier than you may think to create an engaging, visually-stimulating and organized online course. 


Additional Resources

  • Teaching Online: Reflections and Suggestions for the COS Instructor Written by ​​by Dr. ​Deborah L. Nolan, PhD, is licensed un​der a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

  • Online Instruction Policy FAQ:  COS Academic Senate Guidance for Instructors  (Revised 12/10/20)​

  • The Quest for Success Online Learning Readiness Content was developed by the California Virtual Campus – Online Education Initiative (CVC-OEI) as part of the California Community College Chancellor’s Office Online Education Initiative. This content is licensed by the CVC-OEI with a Creative Commons Attribution license. You can view the Quest for Success content and you can request that it be imported into your own Canvas course shells

  • Online Teaching Consultations with Distance Education Coordinator: Send an email to​​ to discuss online teaching practices. ​​​

  • Five Principles for Quality Online Teaching: The principles were developed from the original @ONE Standards for Quality Online Teaching and best practices supported through current research and the input of thought leaders from the CCCs. The principles focus on the interconnections between student success and teaching. Underpinning the principles is a focus on continuous professional development to support growth, adapt to technological innovation, and develop teaching strategies that support California community college students. ​

  • CVC/OER Course Design Rubric: developed in 2014 by the OEI Professional Development work group to assure that all courses offered as part of the initiative promote student success and meet existing regulatory and accreditation requirements. It has undergone three major revisions since then, including the current iteration, in response to changes in available instructional technology and feedback from both instructors and reviewers.

  • Rubric for Online Instruction: Created by California State University, Chico.​​​​​