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 Institutional Program Review Committee

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  • Make recommendations to District Governance Senate on policies and procedures related to program review.
  • Develop the program review template, ensuring alignment with the District mission, accreditation standards, and district planning.
  • Conduct annual assessments of its own processes

IPRC Operational Guidelines

  • The IPRC reaches its decisions by consensus wherever possible; otherwise by a majority vote.
  • The views of all members are sought/solicited.
  • Discussions of individual program reviews are held in confidence.
  • Evaluations of program review templates and processes are conducted annually at the end of the current program review cycle.
  • Feedback is solicited from all areas that participated in program review that cycle. The entire IPRC reviews the responses and determines what changes should be made.
  • Members will abstain from voting when there is a conflict of interest.
  • One co-chair will be elected by the majority of the membership to represent IPRC on the District Governance Senate.

P​rogram Review Resources

Use this link to access Program Revie​w Reso​urces page. It is a compilation of links to quickly access TracDat​, ​data links, and the Program Review Quick-Guide​. ​​

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Academic Year Selected: 
Selected 5/3/2022
Normal 4/19/2022
Normal 4/5/2022
Normal 3/15/2022
Normal 3/1/2022
Normal 2/15/2022
Normal 2/1/2022
Normal 1/18/2022
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Normal 11/16/2021
Normal 11/2/2021
Normal 10/19/2021
Normal 10/5/2021
Normal 9/21/2021
Normal 9/7/2021

​Reference Documents

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 Documents of Selected Meeting

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 5.3.22 Agenda.docx
 IPRC - Governance Survey Results 2022.pdf
 IPRC 4.19.22 Meeting Minutes.docx
 Program Review Change 2.0.pdf
 Program Review Initiatives 2021-22.docx
 Timelines 2022.docx

Committee Chairpersons

Christian Anderson
Francisco Banuelos

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​​Committee Members