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 Counseling Appointments

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 Online Scheduling for Appointments

​​​​​online scheduling for counselor appointments

Counselors are available to meet with students in-person​, online via Zoom, or by telephone. Telephone appointments are best used for quick questions and not student education planning. Students can schedule an online or phone appointment at the link below, or call 730-3715 or 730-3970. ​

*Please note: In-person counseling appointments are available by calling the numbers above. These appointments are limited to one person only per session.

*We can't always guarantee the counselor you schedule with will be the counselor available. 


Student may also submit questions to a Counselor via Email. A Counselor will respond  within 48 hours.                    (Not availab​le in the Summer) 

Join our Counseling Department's Zoom Room for help with booking a counseling appointment or for quick questions from the Counseling Department's Front Desk Staff.  Please Note: Counselors are NOT available in the Zoom Room! The Zoom Room is designed to assist students in making an appointment with a Counselor.

Counseling Department's Zoom Room Hours: 


  • ​9am-11am and 2pm-4pm. ​​