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 Special Event Parking

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​Special Event Parking

If you are planning a special event or meeting on campus, please complete a Modified Parking Request Form located below, as far in advance of the event as possible (no less then two weeks). This will assist the District Police Dept. in ensuring campus access and parking support for your guests.   All requests for relaxed or modified parking are reviewed by the District Police and referred to the Office of the College President for final approval. 

Events with an anticipated known guest list with less than 50 attendees may receive electronic permits to email to the guests. Events with anticipated guests of over 50 attendees, or if the attendees are not known, may be eligible to have the parking lot closest to the event relaxed of permit requirements for the hours of the event. 

Signage regarding modified parking is not to be placed any parking permit machines on campus nor will machines be covered.   It is important to get your request approved in time to advertise the specific parking lots that free parking is available to your attendees.  While parking permits are not enforced for the time period approved, other vehicles not associated with your event will need to purchase a daily parking permit.  There are no refunds given for the purchase of daily permits for a relaxed event.