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 Campus Safety Tips

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Theft Prevention Tips

A secure environment is made possible through community involvement in crime prevention. The purpose of community crime prevention is simple: to help you recognize your own vulnerability to crime, and reduce your risk through preventive action and cooperation with law enforcement.

Theft is the most common crime on the  College of the Sequoias  campus. Most thefts occur during the daylight hours, and in 80% of reported thefts and burglaries, thieves enter the structure without forced entry. In your class and office, exchange information about your schedules and watch your neighbors' stuff. Report suspicious activities to one another and to Public Safety.

Personal Property

Wallet, purse, and backpack theft make up a large percentage of personal property theft.  You can reduce the opportunity for theft by taking a few simple precautions:
  • Do not leave your wallet/purse in unlocked desks, cabinets, or in the open
  • In an office lock up your desk when you leave
  • Lock your door when you leave, even if you are gone for a short time
  • Create an office or building watch program within your building; watch each others stuff.
Property Lock-Down

Although no office or home is completely safe from theft, you can make it more difficult for a thief to steal your equipment or property, and improve the chances of recovering stolen property, by following the suggestions below:
  • Keep an updated inventory of all office, lab, and home equipment
  • Have all equipment locked down with an approved lock-down device
  • Identify all College equipment by engraving on the top or front side
  • Identify your personal property by engraving your California Driver's License, do not use your social security number. If you live out of state, you can use that number followed by the abbreviation for the state of issue.​

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