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 Youth Empowerment Strategies for Success

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​Youth Empowerment Strategies for Success (YESS) is a comprehensive and integrated program that unites community partners and academic leaders to empower foster youth to successfully transition into independent living.  The YESS program provides services that focus on life skills training and academic performance with the objective of achieving self-sufficiency, college degree or certificate completion, and emplo​​​​y​ment.

College of the Sequoias' YESS Program continues to provide independent living skills training to Tulare County foster youth, with a focus on Employment, Education, Financial Literacy, and Daily Living Skills, as well as helping the youth to identify and nurture life-long connections for ongoing support once they age out of foster care.  The classes include hands-on activities that make learning fun while giving youth real-life experiences.

​ILP Training Calendar & Registration Information 

​​  Workshop are available online (live) and in-person.  Click the pdf link below for workshop information. Please contact your ILP/AB 12 Social Worker for zoom link information and registration.

In addition to the independent living skills classes, College of the Sequoias has a Drop-In Center for our college-going current and former Foster Youth.  Services include access to a computer lab​, free printing of school-related papers and documents, a lunchroom stocked with lots of food choices.
For more information about College of the Sequoias' YESS Program, please contact Miriam Sallam at (559) 737-4842 or​.   Please contact her directly to make an appointment for navigating the college system, and/or help with needed resources. 

For more information about Tulare County`s Independent Living Program, call (559) 623-0301; for Kings County`s Independent Living Program services, call (559) 852-4954.

Please note that ILP is a statewide, federally-funded program.  If you do not reside in Kings or Tulare County, please contact the health & human services agency for the county in which you reside for information about what ILP services are available to you in that county.  Please note that available ILP services may be defined by your County of Jurisdiction (where you entered the Foster Care System).  You can also check out this on-line resource for foster youth:   It includes valuable resources, as well as provides a detailed listing of contacts for each county to help you get connected to the services you need!

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