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 Online EOPS Counseling

 Online EOPS Chat

​​​​​​​​​Contact a Counselor or Specialist

Counselors and Specialists are available online to chat with students. Schedule an appointment online by calling (559)372-2808 or (559)429-8745.

EOPS Counseling Services ​

(Emily Briones, Jason Ford, Maria Patino, Catherine Rodarte, and Sh​oua Yang)

  • Reviewing, Updating, or Changing ​Student Educational Plan (SEP)

  • Transfer Information and Application Assistance

  • Course Requirements

  • Early Alert Monitoring

  • Graduation Application Assistance

EOPS Specialist Services​

(Carolyn Franco, Brett Kennedy)

  • ​FAFSA/Dream Act Renewals

  • Tutor Referrals

  • Campus Resources and Referrals

  • Eligibility and Orientation