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 Testing Center

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The Testing Center provides comprehensive testing services to meet the needs of our COS students.  Exams are proctored in a distraction-reduced environment and testing is monitored throughout the testing period. Test proctoring is an opportunity to provide equal access to testing and does NOT provide an unfair advantage to Access & Ability Center students. Such approved accommodations include readers, writers, extended time, and/or use of assistive technology programs.

Procedures for Testing Center:  Students and Instructors 

Steps to follow every semester for testing in the Access & Ability Testing Center.

For Students Who Will be Testing at the Visalia Campus

Note: You must make an appointment (at least) 2 days prior to the test date.

  1. Request a copy of your Authorized Accommodations (AA) forms from the Access & Ability Center Office.
  2. Give a copy of your AA form to your instructor. This informs your instructor that you qualify for Access & Ability Center services.
  3. Sign up with the Testing Center. We will send the necessary paperwork to your instructor.
  4. Make an appointment to take your test in Testing Center (at least) 2 days in advance. To schedule a COS testing appointment, please email
  5. Notify your instructor of your testing arrangements (date and time).
  6. Arrive to your testing appointment on time.

For Instructors Who Have Students Testing at the Visalia Campus

Note: It is the student's responsibility to keep you informed of their testing arrangements. However, if we have not received the exam (the day prior to a scheduled test) we will send you a courtesy reminder via email.

  1. Collect AA form from Access & Ability Center student-this informs you that the student is qualified for AAC services. Also, it provides you with a list of the student's approved accommodations.
  2. Complete and return Request for Testing Assistance Form; it will be emailed to you when the student signs up for testing in our center. Only one form is needed per course.
  3. Drop off (Access & Ability Testing Center mailbox), bring in (N. Sequoia RM 12) or email the exam. Instructors may email exams to (Only authorized staff can access this email account.)
  4. Collect the completed exam at the end of each day from your interoffice mailbox. If you would like the exam before then, you may pick it up (North Sequoia, Room 12).

Testing Center Locations and Contact Info:

COS Visalia 

  • Location:   North Sequoia Building, Room 12.
  • Contact:  Please call (559) 730 - 3807 or email to schedule an appointment.  

COS Tulare

  • Location:  Building A, Student Services Desk.
  • Contact:  Please call (559) 688 - 3020 or email to schedule an appointment.

COS Hanford

  • Location:  Vocational Bldg., Hanford Hub.
  • Contact: Please call (559) 583 - 2515 or email​​ to schedule an appointment.  

For more information, please contact:

AAC Front Office
(559) 730-3805​