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 Online Alternate Media Request

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Things to know:

  • ​This form is used to request a digital version of your assigned textbook. Please fill out one form for each book you wish to request as a digital copy.

  • You must be currently signed up with the Access & Ability Center to request a digital copy of your textbook.

  • This request form must be completed every semester for students requesting Alternate Media for their COS course textbooks.

  • To receive a digital copy of your book, you must complete this form AND email proof of book purchase/rental (receipt or order confirmation) or send a photo of you and the book to​. After you send us verification that you have obtained a copy of the book, we will send the digital version of your textbook to your COS student email. 


 AE Form Web Part

Please use this format: xxx-xxx-xxxx
This is the email address we will use to send you information.
(e.g. Kurzweil, Read & Write, JAWS)