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 AAC Request Form for Services

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​This form is used to request authorized accommodations from the AAC. Students must be part of our program to request Access & Ability Center services.

This request form must be completed every semester for students requesting accommodations in their courses at COS.

If you would like to request alternative furniture, request program verification forms (if going to a different college), or see an AAC counselor, please contact our office at (559) 730–3805.

 AE Form Web Part

This is the email address we have on file. If you would like to be
contacted through a different address, please change this field.
*Please note – students can only check out equipment previously authorized by an AAC counselor.

Please list multiple CRNs, separated by commas.
A records request allows you to receive copies of your AAC verification documents, which you may need (for example) when transferring to a different college or university.