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 DRAW Summer Counseling Program

 Content Editor

During the summer months the Student Health Center uses a short - term counseling program called DRAW to meet the needs of our students. Students must be actively enrolled in a summer school session to be eligible for the DRAW program.  

The counselor for the DRAW program is Seng Leang (pronounced Sing-Ling) Tang, LMFT. Seng Leang provides up to 6 counseling sessions over the summer break. All sessions are conducted through teletherapy/video conferencing.  The sessions are confidential and do not count toward eligibility for other services during the regular school year. To begin using the DRAW program, email Seng Leang or call her directly if you need assistance.

​Contact information;

Seng Leang Tang, LMFT, DRAW Program Therapist 

(559) 380-6690 


Another excellent summer option for students is the SilverCloud program. SilverCloud is a free online mental health tool available to all COS students and is fully confidential. Use your COS email to create an account. To access this program, you can either use the SilverCloud email address at or scan the QR code on the attached postcard.


 DRAW Counseling Program Summer 2023