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 Library/LRC Mission & Vision

 Content Editor


T​he Library/LRC supports student success, community advancement, and in​formation literacy by providing equal access to quality resources and services to our students, faculty, and staff in a safe and inclusive environment. 


The Library/LRC commits to:   

  • Provide equitable and continuous access to quality and cost-effective information resources, library services, and technology tools to students, faculty and staff.
  • Maintain a dynamic and diverse collection of information resources relevant to the curriculum and personal enrichment that supports student success.   
  • Nurture a safe, welcoming, mutually respectful, and student-centered learning environment for individual and collaborative work.   
  • Promote information literacy and guide users in developing the necessary skills to become independent and lifelong learners.  
  • ​Encourage professional growth of library staff in order to meet the changing academic, technological, occupational, and cultural needs of the diverse user community.