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 Need to Add or Drop a Class?

 Before Classes Start!

​Have you decided that you want to add or drop a class before the start of a term?  No problem!

  • Log into your MyGiant portal
  • Click on BannerWeb
  • Student Services
  • Registration
  • Add or Drop a Class

Here is the Quick Guide to help you!  Click Here!

Rather watch a video?  Click Here!


Want to Add yourself to a Waitlist?

If a class you are trying to add is full, you can add yourself to the class' waitlist for enrollment priority. As available spots open for the class, students on the waitlist will automatically be enrolled into the class in the order they are waitlisted. 

If you are still waitlisted on the first day of the class, you will need an add code from the instructor to be added into class.

Here is the Quick Guide to help you! Click Here!

Here is a video to help you!





 After Classes Start!

After a class starts, you will need to add using a different method. 

The following are common deadlines for a semester-long class.  Short-term classes will be different.  Contact The Hub for more information.  Please Note:  the course will NOT appear in your Canvas until up to a day after you are officially added to the course!

During the first week of a Semester-long class

You will need an Add Code from your Professor.  Depending on the availability in the class, your professor may give you an Add Code. 

Second Week of School

You will need an Add/Drop slip signed by your Professor. Complete this form; and submit to

 After the second week of the term

You will need to submit a Late Add Petition signed by your instructor. Complete this form. and submit to​​​ ​