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If you are COS faculty/counselor requesting articulation with a CSU/UC for the following, click the button below:  
  • major articulation
  • department articulation
  • sequence articulation
  • updating articulation agreements

If you are a COS student requesting a CSU or IGETC Certification from COS due to the following, click the button below:
  • confirmed with a COS Counselor your courses have successfully been passed along for the specific GE pattern
  • you are in your last semester at COS and have accepted an admission offer from the 4-year university
  • The 4-year university is requesting the CSU GE or IGETC Certification
​​​Student request GE cert button.png

What is Articulation?
Articulation is the process of developing a formal, written agreement that identifies courses/sequences of courses completed at one institution that will meet requirements for admission, transfer credit, general education, and or major preparation at another institution. 

What transfers to other universities?
​Should you want to transfer to a four-year university after your time at COS​, you must verify that the classes will count at your chosen university, especially when the university is out-of-state or private. College of the Sequoias courses numbered 1-199 are transferable to all CSU (California State University) campuses. Courses numbered 1-99 are transferable to all UCs (University of California). Transferability of a course may be limited to only general education, major, and/or electives. Please make an appointment with a COS Counselor if you have any questions. 
What if I have credits/coursework from other colleges/universities?
​Students may use coursework completed at other institutions to fulfill program, general education, and/or elective unit requirements for the Associate Degree or certificate programs at COS. Students with external coursework must submit official transcripts from all other colleges attended to COS and meet with a counselor to file an External Credit Petition to have their external credit evaluated. Disclaimer: external coursework evaluation decisions only apply to COS degrees and general education and may not apply to other transfer institutions.  

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