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 Amazon Career Choice



 Step 1: Apply to COS!

​​For Amazon Career Choice to initiate payment, the Amazon employee must be accepted and enrolled in classes at College of the Sequoias. To enroll at College of the Sequoias new and returning students should visit the Getting Started Page.​​

 Step 2: Register For Classes

Now that you have applied to College of the Sequoias and have been issued a Student ID Number you can now Register for Classes. If you are unsure what academic program you would like to study, don't worry! We have got you covered! Take a Career Coach Assessment to learn more about what Degree and Certificate programs at COS align with your interests.​

 Step 3: Requesting Payment

How to Request Payment from Amazon Career Choice:

  • Visit Amazon Career Choice on A to Z to submit a payment request for your College of the Sequoias program.

  • The request will be sent to the school to confirm course level details, and either approve or deny the request.

  • If approved, Amazon pays College of the Sequoias directly!​

 Step 4: Attend Your Classes

​Congratulations! You have successfully completed all of the necessary steps for becoming a part of the Amazon Career Choice Program! Now it's time to successfully complete your classes for the semester.

Don't forget to review important dates and deadlines at the beginning and end of every semester.