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 Placement Procedures

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 New Placement Procedures

​​​​​​ California has a new law (AB 705) that requires community college districts to increase the chances that a student will enroll and complete transfer-level coursework in Math and English within one year. Colleges will no longer depend on testing to determine class placement. Instead, assessment measures that include high school performance (i.e. GPA, course grades, advanced coursework) will be used in course placement. Full implementation of the new placement rule will begin at COS in spring 2019 for English, and summer 2019 for mathematics.

The goal of AB 705 is to ensure that students are not obligated to take remedial courses that may delay or deter their educational progress. However, if evidence suggests they are highly unlikely to succeed in the college-level course, students can choose to take basic skills classes. If a student chooses to take a refresher course before embarking on their transfer level curriculum, both English and mathematics departments will offer this opportunity.

Colleges shall use evidence-based multiple measures for placing students into English-as-a-second language (ESL) coursework. For those students placed into credit ESL coursework, their placement should maximize the probability that they will complete degree and transfer requirements in English within three years.

Learn more information in the COS Catalog

 What does this mean for you?

  • ​​You will no longer need to take a Math and English placement test.   
  • You will now be placed in Math and English courses based on your high school GPA, course grades, and advanced coursework. 
  • You will be able to register into transfer-level Math and English courses (corequisite support course may be required. See information below).   
  • You may choose to take a refresher course (below transfer-level), if available, but you will not be required to do so. 
  • For specific placement information and answers to frequently asked questions, go to the Math Placement and English Placement in the COS Catalog​​

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 How do I find my Support Courses CRN?

​Support Courses are courses that you are required to take simultaneously in the same semester. 

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