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 Educational Technology Committee

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The ​COS Educational Technology Committee (ETC) a subcommittee of the Academic Senate,
  • develops and makes recommendations concerning the management and support for the District’s learning management system (LMS)
  • serves as a voice and advocate for the appropriate application of technologies to the teaching and learning process.
  • facilitates District-wide communication on instructional technology issues, including compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and U.S. Copyright laws.
  • develop and make recommendations for the specifications and uses of classroom technologies.
  • develop and make recommendations concerning professional development activities related to the District’s (LMS) and other learning technologies.
The Distance Education Committee (DECOS), a subcommittee of ETC:
  • reviews and recommends policies and procedures for the conduct of online instruction and the operation of online courses
  • makes recommendations to the Academic Senate regarding priorities as they relate to instructional support for online and hybrid courses
  • provides input to the Academic Senate on the development of policies and academic initiatives as they relate to online courses
  • serves as a discussion forum for pedagogical issues regarding the teaching, learning, assessment, ADA/504/508 compliance, and student support services for online and hybrid courses.
Please contact the faculty co-chair, Deborah Nolan, for more information (​
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