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 Safety Compliance

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Comfort is our goal.  ​Safety is our priority.

Sequoias Community College District is focused on the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, staff and the community.  In partnership with COS District Police, the Facilities Department is responsible for maintaining a safe and healthy institutional environment.  This responsibility includes performing routine facility safety inspections, routine emergency equipment/infrastructure inspections, maintaining current emergency preparedness documents and promoting safety awareness campaigns. 

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Report unsafe conditions - TEXT or EMAIL your concern to Click to send an email 'SAFE@COS.EDU'.

Please include text, photos, and/or video to communicate the concern.  you may receive a confirmation email from the District upon successful receipt of the message.  Standard text message rates from your wireless carrier may apply depending on your phone plan.​


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Emergency PREPAREDNESS Documents


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Questions or Concerns?

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For non-emergency related issues, please contact our Safety Compliance Specialist, Gordon McClaskey, at 559.737.4870 or Click to send an email

For additional information regarding campus safety and emergency response, please visit the COS District Police website or contact COS District Police at 559.730.3999.