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 Facilities Requests

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Interested in reserving a classroom, meeting space, outdoor area or other COS venue? 


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An approved facilities request is required to reserve a district-owned facility or outdoor space for any organized event (i.e. meeting, fundraiser, etc.).  ​Please select the appropriate request below and submit the completed form at least two weeks in advance of your event date.    

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Approved facilities requests will be published on the district's weekly Event List, which is utilized by the Facilities Department and COS District Police for scheduling air conditioning, furniture support and/or unlocking and locking responsibilities.  Use of a district facility without an approved facilities will not be permitted.  Each campus features various types of facilities that are available to the public for hosting non-COS events.  Liability insurance is required and hourly rates may apply. 


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For additional information, please contact the Facilities Office at 559.730.3969 or​