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 Custodial Services

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Hours of operation and cleaning schedules vary by location.  Please select a campus below for site-specific information:

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Custodial Services is responsible for the daily cleaning of more than 700,000 square feet of instructional and support facilities on 128 developed acres.  Routine custodial tasks include daily waste and recycle disposal, litter removal, vacuuming, mopping, floor scrubbing, wiping down surfaces, disinfecting, stocking supplies, cleaning cobwebs, washing windows and maintaining cleaning equipment.  Staff are also tasked with delivering and picking up furniture for events, as well as unlocking and locking district facilities, according to the weekly Event List.  Routine floor maintenance and deep cleaning projects are performed primarily during summer, winter and spring breaks to maximize room accessibility and avoid disruptions.


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Work Orders


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Work orders may be submitted to address non-emergency custodial concerns (i.e. specific cleaning requests or other needs that have not been addressed during our staff's weekly routines).  

For additional information, including how to submit a work order, please visit the Maintenance & Operations website.


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Questions or Concerns?


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For assistance during normal business hours, please contact our Manager of Custodial Services, Pablo Avila, at 559.730.3892 ( or the Facilities Office at 559.730.3969. 

For assistance outside of normal business hours, please contact COS District Police at 559.730.3999.