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Technology Services is centralized on the Visalia Campus with the exception of one technician assigned to each center (Hanford and Tulare.) The department is divided into following types of service.

  • Application and software Services
    • This area supports the ERP system called Banner which is a where all the data about employees, student and the institution business processes are stored. 
    • They also support anything that connects to Banner such as CCCApply.   Banner has modules for different business areas (students, human resources, financial aid, payroll, finance).
  • Infrastructure and Security 
    • This area supports the network, servers, desktop computers and overall technology infrastructure and security.
    • Computer Support – We have technicians at each of the three locations - you want these guys to be your best friends because they will take care of you when your computer crashes -and are the front line of support that come to your office, classrooms or conference rooms to fix computers.
    • Network and Phone Support.
  • Media Services – Audio/Visual Systems – Smart classrooms, and media at events so people can have a sound system, microphones, projectors and big screens. - Patrick Mitchell & Aaron Albright
  • Web Services – Dustin Schieler
    • Supports the District website with programming and/or integrating systems​.


Supported Services: