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 Police Academy Class Plaques

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The Tulare-Kings Basic Police Academy has a rich history. The program began in 1962, and was first housed at the Tulare County Sheriff’s Headquarters in Visalia. In 1973, the program moved to the Visalia Campus of the College of the Sequoias and class #23 was the first graduating class from that facility. In Summer 2010, the academy moved to the brand new Public Safety Training Facility in Hanford! 49 years, 3 locations,--a rich history full of tradition, community pride, and honor.

Part of that history and tradition is the plaques presented to the academy by each graduating class of the Basic Police Academy. Click on each of the classes to see the accompanying plaque. ​

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 Bas​ic Police Academy Plaques

 Class 125.pdf
 Class 124.pdf
 Class 123.pdf
 Class 122.pdf
 Class 121.pdf
 Class 120.pdf
 Class 119.pdf
 Class 118.pdf
 Class 117.pdf
 Class 116.pdf
 Class 115.pdf
 Class 114.pdf
 Class 113.pdf
 Class 112.pdf
 Class 111.pdf
 Class 110.pdf
 Class 109.pdf
 Class 108.pdf
 Class 107.pdf
 Class 106.pdf
 Class 105.pdf
 Class 104.pdf
 Class 102.pdf
 Class 101.pdf
 Class 100.pdf
 Class 99.pdf
 Class 98.pdf
 Class 97.pdf
 Class 95.pdf
 Class 94.pdf
 Class 93.pdf
 Class 92.pdf
 Class 91.pdf
 Class 90.pdf
 Class 89.pdf
 Class 88.pdf
 Class 87.pdf
 Class 86.pdf
 Class 85.pdf
 Class 84.pdf
 Class 82.pdf
 Class 81.pdf
 Class 80.pdf
 Class 79.pdf
 Class 78.pdf
 Class 77.pdf
 Class 76.pdf
 Class 75.pdf
 Class 74.pdf
 Class 73.pdf
 Class 72.pdf
 Class 71.pdf
 Class 70.pdf
 Class 69.pdf
 Class 68.pdf
 Class 67.pdf
 Class 66.pdf
 Class 65.pdf
 Class 64.pdf
 Class 63.pdf
 Class 62.pdf
 Class 61.pdf
 Class 60.pdf
 Class 59.pdf
 Class 58.pdf
 Class 57.pdf
 Class 56.pdf
 Class 55.pdf
 Class 54.pdf
 Class 53.pdf
 Class 52.pdf
 Class 51.pdf
 Class 50.pdf
 Class 49.pdf
 Class 48.pdf
 Class 47.pdf
 Class 46.pdf
 Class 45.pdf
 Class 44.pdf
 Class 43.pdf
 Class 42.pdf
 Class 41.pdf
 Class 40.pdf
 Class 39.pdf
 Class 38.pdf
 Class 37.pdf
 Class 36.pdf
 Class 35.pdf
 Class 34.pdf
 Class 33.pdf
 Class 32.pdf
 Class 31.pdf
 Class 29.pdf
 Class 28.pdf
 Class 27.pdf
 Class 26.pdf
 Class 25.pdf
 Class 24.pdf
 Class 23.pdf
 Class 22.pdf
 Class 21.pdf
 Class 20.pdf
 Class 19.pdf
 Class 18.pdf
 Class 16.pdf
 Class 15.pdf
 Class 13.pdf
 Class 12.pdf
 Class 11.pdf
 Class 10.pdf
 Class 9.pdf
 Class 7.pdf
 Class 6.pdf
 Class 5.pdf
 Class 4.pdf
 Class 3.pdf
 Class 2.pdf
 Class 1.pdf

 Reserve Class Plaques

 Class 16 Reserve.pdf
 Class 15 Reserve.pdf
 Class 14 Reserve.pdf
 Class 12 Reserve.pdf
 Class 11 Reserve.pdf
 Class 9 Reserve.pdf
 Class 6 Reserve.pdf
 Class 5 Reserve.pdf
 Class 3 Reserve.pdf
 Class 2 Reserve.pdf
 Class 1 Reserve.pdf