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 Registered Nursing Program Rquirements

 4-Column Content

 RN and LVN-RN Bridge Program Admission Requirements:

​To be completed prior to application submission

¨ Graduation from an accredited high school or GED equivalency

¨ Overall GPA of 2.5 or higher for all courses at or above collegiate levels
¨ Must pass Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, and English 1 with a minimum ‘C’ grade
¨ Accumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher on combined Biology prerequisite courses
¨ Must complete 4 semester units including a lab component in each Biology prerequisite course
¨ No more than one (1) repetition in each Biology prerequisite coursework is allowed, W’s count as a repeat
¨ All Additional Graduation Requirements must be passed with a minimum ‘C’ grade and can be taken either before entry into the program or during completion of nursing courses
¨ ATI TEAS exam must be taken and passed with a score of 62% or higher
You must achieve this score in your first two attempts at the TEAS. If you cannot achieve a score of at least 62% in your first two attempts, you will not be considered for the COS Nursing Program. A minimum of 45 days between test taking is required.
** Local area hospitals require background checks and urine drug screen prior to clinical placement.

 Additional LVN-RN Bridge Program Admission Requirements:

To be completed PRIOR to application submission

¨ LVN Program Certificate
¨ LVN License
¨ IV Certification*
* If you are interested in becoming certified in IV Therapy through Central Valley Medical click IV Therapy Certification
** Local area hospitals require background checks and urine drug screen prior to clinical placement.

 Mandatory Prerequisites

​Required to be completed prior to application for entry into RN Program 

¨ BIOLOGY 30: Human Anatomy (4 Semester units with a lab)

¨ BIOLOGY 31: Human Physiology (4 semester units with a lab)

¨ BIOLOGY 40: ​Microbiology (4 semester units with a lab)
¨ English 1 - Minimum of three (3) or four (4) semester units
¨ TEAS Exam - Applicants must take ATI TEAS with 62% or higher 
*If TEAS exam is taken at another location the results must be transferred to:
and a receipt of transfer must be submitted with the application
*Generic RN applicants and LVN-RN Bridge students who have failed or withdrawn twice from any other RN Program(s) will not be considered for admission to the COS RN Program.  

 Additional Graduation Requirements

Recommended to be complete prior to entry into RN Program

¨ Psychology 1​

¨ One of the Following: Communication 1, 4, or 8

¨ One of the Following: Nursing 106,  Soc 1, or Anthro 10

¨ One of the Following: Humanities (Area C)

¨ One of the Following: History 17, 18, or Pols 5

¨ Math Competency - Math 230 or equivalent 


Prior to first class session, students accepted into the Nursing Program must complete the following:
¨ Attend Mandatory Orientation:  Students starting in Fall semester must attend in April.  Students starting in Spring semester must  attend in October.
¨ Obtain an American Heart Association Health Care Provider CPR card
¨ Possess a valid California Driver’s License and California Auto Insurance
¨ Health Clearance (Immunizations & Physical Exam)
*Upon successful completion of the RN Program, the CA Board of Registered Nursing requires students to complete application paperwork which includes mandatory disclosure of your Social Security number and fingerprint screening in order to take the state licensure exam. If you have ever been convicted of offenses, other than traffic violations, it is recommended that you contact the RN Division Office or the BRN for further information: (916) 322-3350 or


Student Information Resources:
RN Program Information can be found by selecting the Informational Tutorial page.  For Transcript Evaluation appointments call or email Amelia Sweeney, Nursing Counselor: 559-730-3728, or Lisa Brandis, Nursing Counselor: 559-730-3715,