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EMT State Exam and Resource

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​EMT State Exam:​​​​​

You will be signing up for a Cognitive Exam through the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.  Make sure you sign up for an EMT Cognitive Exam four weeks before the exam date.

Cognitive Exam Sign up Instructions : following the steps. 

1. Create an NREMT Account

2. Once your account is created, you will sign in and update your personal information. Make sure you use your legal name (Name on your Driver's License, State Identification card, and/ or social security card. )

Note: The name on your NREMT account must match your photo identification​ documents or you will not be able to take your state exam on your testing date.

3. Click on "Create a New Application" to apply for your exam. ​

This is the time to review your personal information and make any need corrections. If corrections are needed, Click on "Manage Account Information". Select the application level you wish to complete. 

4. Pay your Testing Fees: it is recommended that you pay for your testing fees at the same time you sign up for a testing date.  But you can choose to pay for your testing fees another day.

 Note: an Authorization to Test (ATT) letter allowing you to schedule your exam will not be issued until payment has been received​.

5. Verify you have been approved to test: when all areas of the application process are completed and have been verified, you will see the following link "Print ATT Letter".

To check on your approval status:

  • login to your account
  • click on "Candidate Services"
  • Click on "Application Status"

Note: If you see "Submitted" next to "Course Completion Verification", this means the National Registry has submitted your information to the program you trained from, and is waiting for confirmation of your training program's director, saying you completed your training program. 

6. Print your ATT Letter: if you see​ the link "Print ATT Letter", click on link and print your letter. Once an ATT is issued, it is valid for 90 days. Once the ATT expires, you will need to submit a new application and pay the testing fee to schedule another exam. Extensions are not granted for expired ATTs. 

7. Contact Pearson Vue to Schedule your Exam: 

Follow the instructions on the ATT letter to schedule your exam. 

Pearson VUE: To schedule your exam


you could call Pearson Vue at 1-866-673-6896 for assistance (Pearson VUE charges an additional fee for this service). 


If you fail to appear for your exam, you will have to re-submit an application and fee for another test date. 

refunds cannot be issued for no-shows. 

If arrive late for your exam, you can be considered as a no show. 

Review the Cognitive Exam Information

Review the Cognitive Exam Policies ​






The Psychomotor exam:

The Emergency Medical Technician psychomotor examination are not administered by the National Registry. All EMT psychomotor exams are done by either the State EMS Office or at the training program (That has approval and overseen by the State EMS Office). EMT course instructors will provide students with information regarding the psychomotor exam. 

Note: At the end of COS EMT 251 course, the psychomotor exam is complete with your course instructors. For more information on this exam, contact your EMT 251 instructor. 

 Psychomotor Skills you will be tested on:

  • Patient assessment/management of a trauma patient
  • Patient assessment/management of a medical patient
  • cardiac arrest management/AED
  • bag-valu​e- mask ventilation of an apneic patient
  • spinal immobilization (both seated and supine patient)
  •  long bone fracture immobilization
  •  joint dislocation immobilization
  • traction splinting
  •  bleeding control/ shock management
  • upper airway adjunct and suction
  • mouth to mouth ventilation with supplemental oxygen 
  • supplemental oxygen administration to a breathing patient


EMT Job Opportunities:
Check out the following links regarding more information on Emergency Medical Technician information and employment opportunities. 
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