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 Application Process

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RN and LVN-RN Advanced Placement Program Application Period​

For Admission to Fall Semester:​

Applications are available November 1st through February 1st, with an application deadline of February 1st.

​For Admission to Spring Semester:​

Applications are available May 1st through July 15th, with an application deadline of July 15th

Spring 2023 RN Program Application.pdf

*Applicants must apply with application to the correct term. Do not use a previous application as instructions are subject to change.​

​​*If the application deadline date falls on a weekend, the deadline will be t​he following Monday.​

​​COS Nursing Program - Filling out the Application on Vimeo

  • Please review this document to review common mistakes made on the application and how to correct them: Common Application Mistakes.pdf​​

  • ​​​​​​​RN and LVN-RN Advanced Placement  applicants who have failed or withdrawn once from any other RN program can only be admitted one time to the COS program.

  • To download the Certification of Language Proficiency Form, please click this link:  Certification of Language Proficiency.pdf

  • For a quick access quide to the Nursing Program requirements, please follow the link to the flyer: Nursing Program Requirements Flyer.pdf. Also be sure to check out the video below:​

​Review Program Requirements & How to Calculate Biology GPA


​​Instructions on how to request unofficial COS transcripts:

​Please note: Applicants cannot send official electronic transcripts from COS to COS. For any ​coursework completed at COS please include an unofficial transcript with your application, as required.


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