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Entree to Employment

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Entrée to Employment is a networking event designed to connect students with local employers. These interactions provide students with opportunities to gain perspective in a chosen career field, build a network, and learn about opportunities within our immediate area. Students who are chosen for this event will have shown dedication to their career field in classroom activities and demonstrated sound communication skills through interactions with COS instructors, students, and staff members.​​

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Lisette Conway
Visalia Campus
CTE Student Success Coordinator
​(559) 688-3041​
J.d. Garza
Hanford Campus 
CTE Career & Academic Success Coordinator
(559) 583-2572
Cosmo Costales​
Tulare Campus
CTE Career & Academic Success Coordinator
​(559) 688-3122
Applications are currently closed, but please contact any of the above for questions