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 Academic Services Office

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​Welcome to the Office of Academic Services for College of the Sequoias. Working closely with faculty, our office is responsible for the continual improvement and overall quality and integrity of the instructional programs for COS. We offer one hundred and fifty-eight certificates and degrees in Academic and Career & Technical Education programs, many of which are unique to the economies of Tulare and Kings Counties.

Along with helping to keep our curriculum and programs current, we lead the college with developing and implementing the Strategic Plan, our Self-Evaluation and Accreditation process, the Educational Master plan, preparing the schedule of courses, the College catalog, and other publications. We promote effective student-centered learning and services in close cooperation with Student Services.


The mission of the Office of Academic Services is to shape the future direction for student learning at College of the Sequoias by implementing creative solutions and innovative ideas from our faculty and staff through research and evidence-based decision-making.
The Office of Academic Services aims to facilitate and empower student learning to complete their educational goals through curriculum, program alignment, and institutional planning.​​