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 Dance Offered

  • ​ Ballet
  • Modern Dance
  • Choreography
  • Beginning Jazz
  • Advanced Jazz
  • Tap Dancing
  • Music Theater


Contact Imara Quinonez for more information 559-737-6197


 Performance Opportunities

At the end of each semester there is a Dance concert performed in the college’s beautiful theater. All students will be able to take part in the exciting, fearful but ultimately fun experience, of performing in front of a large audience.

Throughout the year, small groups of dancers have the opportunity to perform at COS, school activities, football and basketball games, competitions, with the Tulare County Symphony, and at many other venues.

 •Auditions for the COS Cheer and Stunt Team are in late spring

.•All dance classes are one unit with credit towards Physical Education or Theater Arts.

 Content Editor

The Dance Department offers a degree in dance and physical expression. Students completing this degree will have a basic foundation in dance with skills that include: being able to teach dance, skill analysis, terminology, presentation, flexibility, strength, and endurance. Career opportunities upon successful completion of this degree include preparation for employment in private dance studios, recreation programs, after-school programs, dance drill/auxiliary teams, fitness gyms, cheerleading, entertainment parks, or with semiprofessional or professional theater or dance companies.​​