Services and Accommodations

The following are examples of courses, materials, and support services that may be available for Access & Ability Center students. Each student's abilities and needs are considered separately and services are individualized.
Alternate Media -
Alternate Media is print material converted and presented in an alternative format. For more information about Alternate Media visit our Alternate Media webpage.
Assessment Services - Learning Disabilities assessments are conducted for students who may have a learning disability. In order to qualify for services such as extended time on tests, or taped print materials, some students must undergo testing to determine the need for these accommodations. For more information about Assessment services visit our Assessment Services webpage.
Assistive Services:
  • Note-Taking Paper - Access & Ability Center provides no-carbon-required note taking paper to our students
  • Sign Language Interpreters - For information about Interpreter Services contact Catrina Campbell at (559) 737-4890, or email:
  • Adapted Parking - Students who need handicapped parking permits must contact the California Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Test Assistance -Test accommodation services are typically provided at the Access & Ability Testing Center located adjacent to the Access & Ability Center in North Sequoia-room 12.  For more information about test assistance visit our Testing Assistance webpage.
Disability Related Counseling - The Access & Ability Center provides academic and disability-related counseling on an appointment or walk-in basis; the walk-in schedule may change weekly.  Students are advised to contact the Access & Ability Center for an appointment (730-3805).
Equipment Loans:
  • Adjustable Back & Seat Cushions
  • Electronic Dictionary/Thesaurus
  • Locker Referral
  • Luggage Cart
  • Personal FM System
  • Magnifier
  • Voice Recorders
High Tech Lab -  The Access & Ability Center provides a High Tech Center where students with disabilities are trained to use assistive technology. Students must be referred by a Access & Ability Center Counselor or Learning Specialist to participate. For more information please visit the High Tech Center webpage.
  • Coordination of Services (Authorized Accommodation Forms)
  • Seizure/Diabetes Notices
  • Liaison/Referral On- and Off-Campus
  • Early Alerts/Progress Reports
Special Classes - The Student Success Lab is a component of the Access & Ability Center and is located in the North Sequoia building, room 9 - accross the hall from the AAC. The lab provides assistance to COS students with verified disabilities by helping them compensate for weak areas, utilize strengths, and improve study skills. Students can receive one unit of credit for their participation in the Lab. For more information about the Student Success Lab visit our Student Success Lab webpage.
More special classes are currently being developed by AAC Staff.
WorkAbility III - WorkAbility III (WA III) is a collaboration between the California Department of Rehabilitation and College of the Sequoias which provides career preparation services to students with disabilities leading to gainful employment. 





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