District Surveys and Questionnaires      


District-wide feedback is an important part of the planning and evaluation process at the College of the Sequoias.

The Office of Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness (R-PIE) routinely conducts and/or facilitates surveys and questionnaires that support the District’s planning activities, outcomes and assessment cycle, grant requirements, mandated reporting requirements, various research projects, accreditation needs, ad-hoc requests, and other requests that directly support the District mission.gridimage2.jpg

Participation in the District's surveys is voluntary. Data collected through the surveys are kept confidential. Survey results are only reported in the aggregate so that the privacy of the respondent is protected. The results are analyzed by the Office of Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness and forwarded to the appropriate faculty, administrators, and staff for use in advancing the District's mission. Although participant input is extremely valuable for improvement of the District, no tangible compensation is given for participation in the surveys (except for occasional incentives).

The Office of Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness maintains a district-wide Survey Calendar, which details the schedules of known District surveys and questionnaires.

Some surveys require reviews by the District's Institutional Review Board (IRB). It is the responsibility of the IRB to evaluate each research proposal in terms of ethical standards. In particular, the board will assess if there are appropriate measures planned to maintain confidentiality, establish informed consent, and avoid any risk to individuals. For further information, please visit the IRB web site: http://www.cos.edu/About/Research/Pages/IRB.aspx

If you are considering a survey for your research/planning/assessment needs, please contact the research office.

Survey/Questionnaire​ ​Audience ​Frequency ​Next Administration ​Last Administration​
Management Council Summer Institute Evaluation Form ​Management ​Annually ​June 2017 ​June 2016
Giant Questionnaire All District Employees​​ ​Sexennial ​Spring 2017 ​NA
Training Workshop Evaluation Form All District Employees​ As Needed​ ​Ongoing Ongoing​
Above-Base Resource Allocation Questionnaire​ ​Above-Base Participants Annually ​Spring 2017 ​Spring 2016
Alumni Survey ​Physical Therapy Alumni​ ​Annually​ ​​TBD ​Fall 2014
​College of the Sequoias Counseling Services Questionnaire All Students ​Annually​ TBD​​ Spring 2014​
Community College Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (CCFSSE) ​All Full-time Faculty and Sample of Students​ As Needed​ ​TBD ​Spring 2011
Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) Sample of Students​ ​As Needed ​TBD ​Spring 2011
​COS Customer Service and Expectation Survey ​All Students ​One-Time Event ​NA ​Spring 2011
​COS Health Center Questionnaire Health Center Students ​Ongoing ​Ongoing ​Ongoing​
​COS Research Advisory - Data Needs Questionnaire ​​All District Employees ​As Needed ​TBD ​Spring 2014​
Division Chair Training Evaluation Academic Deans, Current and new division chairs​ ​As Needed TBD​ ​Spring 2015
​Distance Education Student Satisfaction Survey (CCCCO) ​Sample of Distance Education Students​​ ​As Needed TBD​ ​Spring 2014
​​Distance Education Faculty Satisfaction Survey (CCCCO) Sample of Distance Education Students​​​ As Needed​ ​TBD ​Spring 2014
​District Governance Survey ​Participants of District Governance ​Annually ​Spring 2017 ​Spring 2016
District Mission Statement ​All District Employees, Board Members, Community Advisory, Student Senate​ Triennially​ Fall 2017​ ​Fall 2014
​Early Alert Faculty Survey ​All Faculty​ ​As Needed TBD​ ​​Spring 2012
​​Early Alert Student Survey ​All Students Receiving an Early Alert​ As Needed​ TBD​ ​Spring 2012​
​​Facilities Questionnaire ​Faculty, Staff and Students Quinquennially​ ​​TBD ​Spring 2014​
​Faculty Technology Survey ​All Faculty​ As Needed​ ​TBD​ ​Spring 2013​
Faculty Development Needs Survey All Faculty​ ​As Needed TBD​ ​Fall 2014
​​Finance and Accounting Customer Survey ​Faculty, Staff and Students One-Time Event TBD​ ​​Spring 2012
​​Institutional Self-Study Survey All District Employees​ Quinquennially​ ​TBD Fall 2011​
​​Learning Outcomes Follow-Up Survey ​​Faculty As Needed​ ​​TBD ​​Fall 2013
Library Instruction Evaluation Students​ ​Ongoing ​Ongoing ​​Ongoing
​​Master Plan Summit Questionnaire Participants of the Master Plan Summit​ ​Deciennially​ ​TBD ​Spring 2014​
Online learning Readiness Survey Students​ ​As Needed TBD ​Fall 2015
Online Success Survey - Students ​Students Enrolled in Online Course ​TBD TBD​ ​Spring 2013
​​Program Review Survey Participants of the Program Review Cycle​ Annually​ ​Fall 2016​ ​​Fall 2015
Staff Technology Survey ​All Classified and Administrators As Needed ​TBD ​Spring 2013
Student Support Services Survey ​All Students As Needed​ Spring 2017 ​Spring 2015
Student Technology Survey ​All Students As Needed ​TBD ​Spring 2013
Survey of Entering Student Engagement (SENSE) Sample of First-Year Students ​As Needed ​TBD ​Fall 2010
Tracdat Evaluation Survey Users of TracDat ​ ​As Needed ​TBD ​Fall 2014
ILO Communication Survey All Students Anually ​Spring 2017 ​Spring 2016
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