Solutions and Innovations Work Group


Purpose Statement

Solutions and Innovations Work Group has been established in fall 2013 to coordinate district’s efforts in utilizing available data that can be used for research, assessment and decision support purposes. The work group meets on a regular basis to discuss and generate solutions to issues and challenges related to data and data systems that directly affect district’s research capacity. The group also pays special attention to innovations in data management systems that are critical to continuous improvement of quality.
·         Dr. Mehmet Dali Ozturk, Director of Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
·         Tim Hollabaugh, Dean of Technology Services
·         Ryan Barry-Souza, Research Analyst
·         Lee McDonald, Applications Manager
·         Ahsen Baig, Programmer Analyst
Co-chairs: Dr. Mehmet Dali Ozturk
                 Tim Hollabaugh
Last Updated: 4/9/2014 12:43 PM