Welcome to the Report and Studies page.  Below are studies, reports, and presentations credited to our faculty and staff.  ​​


​Report/Study/Project ​Area/Department ​Author ​Date
​English 251 Follow-Up ​Social Science and English ​R-PIE ​2014
English 251 Prerequisite Study ​Social Science and English​ ​Christian Anderson ​2013

 Student Services

​Report/Study/Project ​Area/Department ​Author ​Date
Student Support Services Survey 2017 ​Student Services ​RPIE ​2017
Student Support Services Survey 2015 ​Student Services ​RPIE ​2015
English Placement Validation ​Assessment Services ​Greg Keen and Ryan Barry-Souza ​2015

 Institutional Effectiveness

​Report/Study/Project ​Area/Department ​Author ​Date
 ACCJC Institution Set Standards   
Review, Revise, and Reset: Institution-Set Standards ​District-Wide ​RPIE ​2018
Setting Standards for Education Quality and Institutional Effectiveness ​District-Wide ​RPIE ​2016
ACCJC Institutional Set Standards Methodology and Results ​District-Wide ​RPIE ​2016
Climate and Satisfaction
Giant Questionnaire 2017 ​District Wide ​RPIE ​2017
2015-2018 Strategic Plan Assessments
District Objectives Preliminary Assessment (2015-2016) ​District Wide ​RPIE ​2016
2017 IEPI Success Indicators ​District-Wide ​RPIE ​2017

2016 IEPI Success Indicators

​District-Wide ​RPIE ​2016
2015 IEPI Success Indicators Disctrict-Wide ​RPIE ​2015
Student Success Scorecard
​2018 Scorecard Summary ​District-wide ​RPIE ​2018
2017 Scorecard Summary ​District-wide ​RPIE ​2017
2016 Scorecard Summary  ​District-Wide ​RPIE ​2016
2015 Scorecard Summary ​District-Wide ​RPIE ​2015
2014 Scorecard Summary ​District-Wide ​RPIE ​2014
Student Equity Plan
​Update to the 2015 Student Equity Plan ​District-Wide ​RPIE ​2016
2015 Student Equity Plan ​District-Wide ​Student Services ​2015
2014 Student Equity Plan ​District-Wide ​Student Services ​2014
Annual Report on the Master Plan
2017 Annual Report ​District-Wide ​President's Office ​2017
2016 Annual Report ​District-Wide ​President's Office ​2016
2015 Annual Report ​District-Wide ​President's Office ​2015
2014 Annual Report ​District-Wide ​President's Office ​2014
2013 Annual Report ​District-Wide ​President's Office ​2013
​​Community Report
Annual Report to the Community 2016/17 District-Wide ​President's Office ​2017
Annual Report to the Community 2015/16  ​District-Wide ​President's Office ​2016
Annual Report to the Community 2014/15 ​District-Wide ​President's Office ​2015
Annual Report to the Community 2013/14 ​District-Wide ​President's Office ​2014


​Report/Study/Project ​Event/Audience ​Author ​Date
Survey Data for Imropvement: Serving All  ​Academic Senate/District Governance Senate ​Mehmet Ozturk ​2017
Program Review Data Analysis: Faculty Growth  ​College of the Sequoias ​Mehmet Ozturk & Thea Trimble ​2017
Program Review Analysis - Service Area Outcomes ​College of the Sequoias ​Mehmet Ozturk ​2017
Dealing with Multiplicity and Complexity to Sustain Simplicity in Institutional Research Management ​CAIR Conference - Los Angeles, CA ​Mehmet Ozturk & Christian Anderson  ​2016
District Surveys Ongoing Self-assessment and Student Success ​Academic Senate/District Governance Senate ​Mehmet Ozturk ​2016
Management Guide to Conducting Effective Surveys ​College of the Sequoias ​Mehmet Ozturk ​2016
Annual Report District Objectives Preliminary Assessment ​College of the Sequoias ​Mehmet Ozturk ​2016
Power of Positive Thinking ​COS Management Institute - Visalia, CA ​Mehmet Ozturk ​2016

The U.S. Higher Education Landscape: Equity Lens Applied

​College of the Sequoias ​Mehmet Ozturk ​2016

Guidelines for Conducting Surveys and Questionnaires

​College of the Sequoias

Mehmet Ozturk

Management Guide to Conducting External Research ​College of the Sequoias  ​Mehmet Ozturk  ​​2016
​​Management Guide to Approving Data and Research Requests ​College of the Sequoias
​Mehmet Ozturk ​2016
Student Equity Plan Campus-Based Research Methodology College of the Sequoias ​Mehmet Ozturk 2015
​​Shovels, Rakes and Other Tools for Managing Data Requests ​CAIR Conference - San Francisco, CA ​Mehmet Ozturk & Tim Hollabaugh ​2015​
Partnership for Success​: Geeks, Nerds and Techies Collaborate ​CAIR Conference - San Francisco, CA

​Mehmet Ozturk & Tim Hollabaugh

​Availability & Effective Uses of Data ​COS Management Institute - Visalia, CA ​Mehmet Ozturk ​​2015
Tracking Data & Building Evidence for Integrated Planning in TracDat ​Nuventive Users Conference - Pittsburg, PA ​Kristin Robinson, Mehmet Ozturk, Tim Hollabaugh, and Cindy DeLain. ​2015
Transforming an Institution: COS 2.0 Student Success Conference - Costa Mesa, CA
​Stan Carrizosa, Thea Trimble, Jennifer Vega La Serna, and Mehmet Ozturk
​Layers of Evaluation & Meaningfulness of Results ​3CSN Data Collection Workshop - Visalia, CA ​Mehmet Ozturk ​2013
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