Program Review

Program Review is completed annually by all units in academic, student services and administrative services. 

R-PIE3.jpgThe role of Program Review in the District’s planning processes is documented in Board Policy 3260.  Program Reviews are the basis for resource allocations, including requests for personnel, facilities, and equipment.  The Resource Allocation Manual and Administrative Procedures 3261, 3262, 3263, and 6300 outline the sequence of approvals in these resource allocation processes.

The Program Review process is outlined below:

Step 1- Data collection and analysis- identify data needs and submit requests for data.

Step 2- Area overview- identify the strengths, needs, and opportunities/challenges of the area based on Step 1.

Step 3- Review Outcome results for previous year(s) including both standard achievement data (i.e., awards, completion rates, course success) and assessments (i.e., Course Outcomes, Service Area Outcomes, Program Outcomes and Institutional Outcomes).

Step 4- Create new Actions.

Step 5- Identify resources needed for each new Action.

Step 6- Link Actions to Institutional Goals and Objectives or to Outcomes.

Step 7- Status of Previous Actions- Finalize and evaluate previous Actions (beginning 2015); including an evaluation of the impact of any resource allocation.

Data Collection and Analysis

For Academic units, the Office of Research, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness will upload two standard data elements to TracDat that will serve as the basis for the Program Reviews in February of each year.  In general, three years of data will be provided. However, faculty and administrators within an academic Unit may determine the need for additional data to complete the upcoming annual Program Review.  

Non-academic units may identify relevant data types and sources independently or in consultation with the Office of Research, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness. 

Any requests for data submitted to the Office of Research, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness should be initiated using the college’s electronic Data Request Form no later than March 31.  The form can be accessed at




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