Superintendent/President's Message


Dear COS Students, Faculty, Staff and Community:

It is my privilege to welcome you all to the 2013-14 academic year for College of the Sequoias. The past year has been filled with excitement and anxiousness as we have worked to respond to our 2012 ACCJC Accreditation findings.  The entire faculty and staff have been working together to build the new foundation of a culture of effectiveness, efficiency, communication, trust and achievement.

We have conducted an annual review of our Strategic Plan and sharpened our focus on more clear and measureable institutional objectives for 2013-14. We have defined institutional roles & responsibilities and the meaning of participatory governance. We have developed clear protocols for Integrated Planning and Governance & Decision-making. We have clarified and streamlined our process for Institutional Program Review of departments and service areas. We have developed an annual budget planning and resource allocation process.

We have completed student learning outcomes (SLO’s) for all COS courses and are finalizing assessments for all SLO’s and an annual assessment cycle. We have completed service area outcomes (SAO’s) for non-instructional areas that help to align our work with the objectives in our Strategic Plan and goals in our COS Master Plan.

An Accreditation Community Advisory Committee (ACAC) has been meeting with us twice monthly since last March and providing important community-wide input, oversight and support. Our COS Board of Trustees has attended conferences, workshops and summits to strengthen their leadership role in accreditation.

You will no doubt see our banners around the district proclaiming “COS 2.0 The Future Is New which signify our commitment to a new version of our future that will ensure continued success and achievement through sound organizational structures.  Accreditation is no longer treated as an “event,” it is a way of institutional life reflected in our daily commitment to the best practices that have proven effective for successful community colleges.

As we prepare to start our fall semester, 2013, we are excited for the important improvements made in our district-wide systems. They will bring clarity and focus to the measureable objectives for increased student achievement and success! We look forward to engaging with students, staff and the entire college community in better, more transparent and meaningful ways than ever before. Welcome again to a new year and our incredible new version of “COS 2.0!”


Most respectfully,

Stan A. Carrizosa


College of the Sequoias CCD



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