Thank you Hanford for our support!

The COS Foundation Hanford Chapter raised $4,440 at through this campaign.

$3,000 will be available to COS Hanford students for the 2014-2015 school year.

$1,440 will be used to purchase needed textbooks for the COS Hanford Library. 

The College of the Sequoias once again participated in the Hanford Chamber of Commerce 17th Annual Charity Tree Auction to directly benefit the COS Hanford Center students. This year’s tree will celebrate the generous community support for the Avenue to Education Campaign.

COS Hanford plays a major role in providing higher educational opportunities for men and women in the area. Over 1,700 students come through the doors of COS Hanford each semester, from different walks of life. In these difficult times, the rising costs of tuition and textbooks create obstacles for most students. By participating in the Avenue to Education Campaign, you will be able to assist COS Hanford students in attaining their educational goals.

The COS Foundation Hanford Chapter volunteers are soliciting gifts from community members for the 2014 event in three designations:

$250.00 to support a Scholarship for COS Hanford students

$100.00 to support the Book Fund in the Hanford Textbook Lending Library

Unspecified amounts to support the greatest need identified by the Foundation volunteers

You can still help knock down barriers to student success by supporting these volunteer efforts. To donate, please contact the COS Foundation at 559-730-3861, or donate online at:


Last Updated: 3/6/2014 8:00 AM