Superintendent/President's Message

Welcome to the 2014-15 academic year for College of the Sequoias! The past year has been filled with excitement as we successfully responded to all our accreditation requirements. The entire faculty and staff have been working together to build the new foundation of a culture of effectiveness, efficiency, communication, trust and achievement.

We are now more clearly focused on measureable institutional objectives, institutional roles & responsibilities and processes for participatory governance. We have clear protocols for Integrated Planning and Governance & Decision-making, institutional Program Review. We have an annual budget planning and resource allocation process.

You now see our banners around the district proclaiming “COS: 2.0 The Future Is New which signify our commitment to a new version of our future that will ensure continued success and achievement through a commitment to ongoing assessment and improvement.  We have completed a draft of the next generation ten-year Master Plan which will be formally adopted by our Board of Trustees in January, 2015. This plan builds in-part, on the recent actions which include:

  • Sixteen (16) full time faculty positions
  •  Additional classified support staff for expanded services in Hanford and Tulare
  •  Expanded summer school for a combined total on all three (3) COS campuses of 150 classes
  • Two hundred (200) more classes in fall/spring semesters to help accelerate student completion
  •  Over one thousand (1194) degree/certificates issued to graduates in 2014
  •  Fifty-two (52) new registered Nurses in 2014
  • Twenty-eight (28) certified Firefighters in 2014
  •  Forty-seven (47) new Law Enforcement Officers in 2014
  • Twenty-five (25) Physical Therapy Assistants in 2014
  •  Nearly 70% of students prepared for college level work successfully achieve their transfer goals
  •  Regional leadership in Advanced Manufacturing and Health Workforce Initiative
  •  Proud participant selected to implement the California Pathways to Law School Initiative

As we prepare to start our fall semester, 2014, we look forward to engaging with students, staff and the entire college community in better, more effective and meaningful ways than ever before. Welcome again to a new year and our incredible new version of “COS: 2.0!”

Most respectfully,

Stan A. Carrizosa

College of the Sequoias 


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Last Updated: 7/16/2014 3:24 PM