Superintendent/President's Message

Welcome to the 2015-16 academic year for College of the Sequoias! With the hard work necessary to re-affirm the District's accreditation behind us, the 2014-15 academic year was one of most productive years in recent history. The COS Board adopted the next generation of our COS Master Plan which sets forth the major district goals for the next ten years. In broad strokes this COS 2015-25 Master Plan outlines goals in the areas of growth, success, equity and sustainability. 

The COS Board also adopted our 2015-18 Strategic Plan with more specific, measurable objectives to be monitored annually over the next three years. All district divisions, departments and campuses will establish service area and student learning outcomes aligned with these objectives. This integrated planning guides the allocation of resources and priorities for major budget assumptions and expenditures. 

Key investments and accomplishments from last year that have set the foundation for 2015-16 include:

•         Fully “Re-affirmed” status for our college’s accreditation.

•         Restored 11 new full-time faculty positions.

•         Achieved official “Center” status for COS Hanford creating the opportunity to earn an additional $1M in state funds.

•         97% satisfaction rate from COS students on the 2015 Student Support & Services Survey.

•         Fulfilled our promise of $1M to Corcoran for their support of Measure J.

•         New automated tracking system to improve student completion rates.

•         New Student Success Coordinators to increase student completion rates.

•         Awarded 1,890 degrees and certificates.

•         Graduated 74 new registered nurses.

•         Graduated 92 new law enforcement officers.

•         Graduated 25 new physical therapy assistants.

•         Graduated 26 new firefighters.

•         More than $275,000 in scholarships awarded/presented through the COS Foundation and more than $250,000 in program                    grants, sponsorships and facilities upgrades.

As we prepare to start this fall semester, 2015, we look forward to engaging with students, staff and the entire college community in better, more effective and meaningful ways than ever before!

Most respectfully,

Stan A. Carrizosa

College of the Sequoias 


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