Student Identification Cards

All students will be issued a free identification card which will be their official COS ID throughout their time as a student of the College. Upon payment of the student activity benefits fee at registration, students are issued a sticker on the back of the card which entitles them to participate in activities of the organization as long as they remain in good standing. Upon payment of this fee students also become official members of the Student Senate and are represented by the Student Senate Executive Board. Most activities which involve the student body as a whole are sponsored by the Student Senate.

Activity Benefits Fee

$15 per semester
(Effective Spring 2015)

Click below to see where you can get discounts with your ABF sticker!

Merchants Discount Brochure

NOTE:  A student may request the Activity Benefits Fee be waived only within the first two weeks of the start of the semester.  Please call the Student Activities and Affairs Office in Visalia or check with the Student Services Counter in Building A for more information.

Transit Sticker Fee

$10 per semester

($9 if you are enrolled in 5 units or less)

Other benefits of the card include:
  • May be used as a picture ID card
  • It is used as a COS library card
  • By adding money to your account, you can use the Pharos (printing/copying system)
  • Use your card as a "benefits card" which entitles you to discounts at local merchants
  • Free admission to COS sporting events
  • Used as a Bus Pass (transit sticker)
At the Tulare College Center you can purchase your ABF sticker, transit sticker, and get your picture ID at the Student Services Counter in Building A.
First identification card is free.  There will be a $5 fee for a replacement card.

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