On Friday, December 8, the COS AG Division partnered with the COS CTE Department to host the Second Annual GIANTS IN AG Event. This event gave the high school students an opportunity to hear about the Agriculture degrees and certificates that are offered here at the COS Tulare College center.

The event included a tour of the entire campus as well as industry panel discussions covering careers on, Ag Business, Ag Technology, Animal Science, Ornamental Horticulture and Plant Science.

We were fortunate to have the following industry panelists Andy Guilly, Simplot; Beau Howard, JG Boswell; Chris Hash, Sprayco LLC; Dr. Daniel Waldner, Valley Nutrition partner with our Ag Division Instructors Shannon Cooper, Ag Business; Charlie Abee, Ag Tech; Frank Tebeau Ag Tech; Russell McKeith, Animal Science; Fernando Fernandez, Ornamental Horticulture; Dr. Allison Ferry-Abee, Plant Science, to make this a successful event.

There were approximately 100 junior and senior students from eleven of our feeder high schools attend.




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For more information please contact our Center for Technical Education:


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Grant Manager

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