​Industrial Automation

Now more than ever, manufacturers in numerous industries need a training resource partner that can help them improve, compete and grow. A partner that can respond with technical, workforce training solutions that meet their current and future needs. Consider COS Training Resource Center to facilitate your next training.

Please contact us with any questions you may have or to help you design workshops that will provide your employees with relevant industrial production skills or strengthen your employees’ understanding of the production systems in your organization.

The following are some of workshops we can deliver, at your location or in our facilities. These trainings are fully customizable to meet the needs of your business.

Basic Industrial Electricity 
This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of AC and DC electricity. It will introduce the physical laws which govern electricity and how they apply in industry. It will present series and parallel circuits, magnetism and electromagnetism, resistance, capacitance, induction and relay logic. The student will learn to use the most common industrial electrical test equipment. Please click on the link to learn more!

Industrial Motor Controls
This course will study, industrial AC and DC electric motors and their control circuits. The student will be introduced to fundamental ladder logic diagrams, wiring diagrams motor starters and contactors, motor reversing circuits Switches and switch function, Variable frequency drives, and DC variable speed drives. Please click on the link to learn more! 

NCCER Electrical Training
NCCER sets the standard in construction education. Their training process of accreditation, instructor certification, standardized curriculum, national registry, assessment, and certification is a key element in developing a skilled workforce of construction professionals. Please click on the link to learn more! 

This course will focus on the basics and troubleshooting of Programmable Logic Controllers. The emphasis will be in understanding how the input/output devices are interfaced to the PLC and how to view and make small changes to the timers, counters, and register values, but not in making core changes to the program logic. Please click on the link to learn more!
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